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My Journey from Sugar Addict

to Freedom

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My book is the story of my personal year-long journey of giving up all sugar and flour, with insights into both the lessons that I learned and the obstacles that I faced.  I share what worked well for me and what didn't, as well as some tools I picked up along the way. My intention was to write a companion guide for anyone else who struggles with sugar addiction as a resource that they could use to help them on their own journey.  

Excerpt from the Book:


        Please come along with me on this journey so that 1) I don’t feel so alone and 2) I can feel like I am doing this with the hope of possibly helping other people like me.  I had a hard time finding books about what it feels like to give up sugar and flour on a day-to-day basis. There are plenty of books and information available on the internet about food addiction and there are even food addiction support groups that I might eventually explore, but I couldn’t find anything that actually describes how to implement this new lifestyle and what it looks like. 

I don’t know if I will turn this into a book one day or maybe just a series of blog posts. Or heck maybe nothing at all!  I mean, bragging about your food addiction isn’t the way I necessarily want people to know me.  Most people don’t know about my food addiction. Just some close friends, family members and my husband.  I guess I am just realizing all this about me too.  Something just finally has clicked that said  yes, I have a problem.  And yes, I need help and want to help others.  But first, I need to help myself. 


So when do I start? I don’t know!!! I am scared. I don’t want to give up my comfort.  I work almost full-time, parenting two young children is challenging and food brings me a lot of comfort in this crazy, hectic world.  Did I mention that life is just hard?  Who knew it would be so darn hard?  So right now food gives me a daily escape and a minute of oblivion.  It helps take the edge off of a stressful day.  Food is my numbing drug of choice. 



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