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Food Freedom Festival

In this 4-day summit, you will learn the physical, emotional, and spiritual steps to take control of your diet and health one bite at a time.

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2021 Quit Sugar Summit

Over 60 MD's, Ph.D.’s, scientists, researchers, and authors share their cutting-edge research and success working with real people at reversing diabetes, losing weight, and taking their lives back.

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Kick Sugar Success Stories Summit 2022

20+ success stories about people kicking their sugar addiction and sharing their how-to's.


AM Northwest

I was interviewed on Friday, January 25, 2019 by Helen Raptist, host of AM Northwest to talk about my journey to from sugar addiction to freedom. 

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Overcome Emotional
Eating Summit 2021

30+ Interviews with World Experts to help you crack the Emotional Eating Code so you can lose weight, manage stress better, and stop being a slave to cravings. 


2019 Kick Sugar Summit

I was interviewed by Florence Christophers, co-founder of the Kick Sugar Summit. The Kick Sugar Summit was online January 7-11, 2019.

Future + Previous Engagements

In this video, Anna Fruehling from Peace of Keto and I talk about all things sugar addiction and what lessons we have learned along the way.  I also talk about The Emotion Code and how it helped with my own recovery.  

Watch below as I speak to Aimee Anderson, Co-Host of The Kick Sugar Summit, about her journey with sugar addiction.