Do you eat fruit?

Yes, I eat fruit.  I have one cup of mixed berries in my morning smoothie and sometimes have an apple for a snack.  I don't eat bananas or pineapple because they trigger me.  You will have to experiment to see if fruit works for you. I don't eat honey, agave, maple syrup, stevia or artificial sweeteners.

Do you eat gluten-free flours?

No, I don't eat any flour - not even the gluten-free varieties.  I don't eat any kind of bread, pasta, pretzel or cracker. I do eat popcorn and corn tortilla chips - just double check the label to make sure they don't include any flour or added sweeteners. I also eat whole grains like brown rice and quinoa. 

Do you make separate meals for your family?

No, I don't cook separate meals.  My family isn't completely sugar and flour free but the meals I cook are.  We have always limited the amount of sugar our kids eat but they do have processed food that has added sugars and eat bread, crackers and bagels.  I try to buy the highest quality of these foods.

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