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My Journey from Sugar Addict to Freedom

Hi, I'm Siobhan

I have been sugar and flour free since January of 2018 and most importantly, free from the rollercoaster of living life as a sugar addict. There were a lot of trials and tribulations along the way and I am nowhere near being perfect, but I feel like a whole new person and am so grateful to finally be FREE!  I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and am dedicated to helping others find their own path to freedom through group coaching and my weekly podcast, Unsweetened Sio. 


I am also certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code, two  powerful methods of finding and releasing trapped emotions in the body that are often at the root of many physical ailments, depression, anxiety and just plain old feeling stuck. These techniques were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson and have been found to greatly relieve and even eliminate chronic pain, clear blocks to one’s creativity, remove barriers to moving forward with life goals and frees the heart to find love and happiness. I got certified because it has helped me so much in my recovery but The Emotion Code and The Body Code are great tools for anybody looking to feel healthier and happier overall, plus really effective on children and pets. 

Do you struggle with sugar addiction are are ready to start taking steps toward freedom? 


Where do I start? I have been doing Emotion Code for three years now regularly and it has been transformative. However, I started with Sioban just a few months back on a recommendation from a friend and I cannot tell you the immediate results I am receiving from her sessions. We are talking clearing specific blocks and emotions and following those sessions me being able to work in my business in a way that I haven’t in years to the point where I was able to regain a rank/title and make one of the biggest paychecks I’ve ever made to date. 

Emotions  between my children are better, I am getting to the root of a health issue I’ve been dealing with for awhile with actual answers & I am confidently using my voice in a way I never have before and gained 600 new followers on one of my social media outlets overnight because of it. I cannot thank her enough for using her gift in the world because it is helping my family and I actualize the best versions of ourselves and I know there are so many more she is going to help. Don’t hesitate to book a session!!

—  Rama Pfeiffer