Current Session is Full!

Contact me to be on the waitlist for next session in Fall 2021

A 7-week program for sugar addiction recovery

*BONUS intro & prep week

* Weekly group Zoom calls

* Private Facebook group for daily support

* Accountability buddies

*Weekly discussion topics & homework

* Tools, tips, resources and daily inspiration

* VIP program that includes four 1:1 sessions with me, The Emotion Code and more!

*After the 7 weeks is finished, you will have access to “Living the Sweet Life Without Sugar” private Facebook group that is only for people that go through my coaching program.  This will be for continuing support and community!

Program starts on Sunday, May 2 and ends on Sunday, June 13. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the program after 2 weeks, you can receive a full refund.  You must contact me before

May 15, 2021 to be eligible.


To say Siobhan is a fantastic health coach is an understatement. I've struggled with my health, stress levels, and mindset my entire life. More than any diet, working with her is what helped me start making lasting, healthy decisions.

Siobhan was kind and patient with me. Working with her, I learned how to break my unhelpful patterns around using food to cope with stress. Most of all, she taught me how to listen to my body and to discover what I needed not just to survive but to be happy and healthy. She was so uplifting and encouraging, it felt like I had a friend with me through the entire process.

Since working with her, I've changed my diet, moved on from a stressful work environment, and started living the life I want to live. Working with her is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

—  Victoria W.